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Stand up

Comedy works denver

Laughs On FOX


Laugh out Loud NEtwork series, "You Look like"


LEAD dancer/ChoreoGRAPHer


Washington Post (link)

Today's Woman Magazine

Leo Weekly Newspaper



Spec Script (link)

Just Killing Time Podcast w/Maronzio Vance 

Logan Does Comedy Podcast (link)

Irish I Was Irish (link)

BoutTime Podcast (link)

Whiskey Deep Podcast w/Tom Plute (link)

Date Fail Podcast w/Amanda Day (link)

You Look Like A Comedy Show (link)

We There Yet? With Rich Kiamco (link)

Taboo Table Talk (link)

Black Nerd Power Podcast (link)

Dr. Heckle Podcast (link)

On the Cross with Lucas Murphy (link)

Garrett Titlebaum - It's Nice To See He's Working (link)

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