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The Louisville-based comedian, writer, actor and dancer with a wicked repartee, has performed comedy across the US and Canada. Holly is currently on tour opening for comedian Matt Mathews, previously she has toured with Chelsea Handler and Brian Posehn. In addition, Holly has also worked with some pretty notable comedians such as: D.L. Hughley, Roy Wood Jr., Eddie Pepitone, Rich Vos, Sasheer Zamata, Beth Stelling, Aparna Nancherla, Hannibal Buress, Marcella Arguello, Chris Redd, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Open Mike Eagle, Janelle James, Ian Edwards, Emma Willman, Eddie Pepitone, Laurie Killmartin, Jackie Kashian, Guy Torry, Finesse Mitchell, Kim Whitley, Sherry Sheppard, Dave Arnold, Steve O, Rod Man, Aida Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster, Kevin Bozeman, Matt Braunger, Jo Firestone, and Sean Patton.

She also served as the lead dancer and choreographer in the "Asking For a Friend" music video by the Grammy-nominated music group The Foreign Exchange.

Holly was a headliner at the 2023 West End Comedy Festival and the 2019 Flyover Comedy Festival. She also has performed at numerous comedy festivals including: The Limestone Comedy Festival, Atlanta's Red Clay Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, Wilmington's Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Grand Rapids' Gilda's LaughFest "Best of the Midwest," Chicago Women's Funny Festival, Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha, Knoxville's Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Columbus' Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, Toronto's SheDot Festival, Derby City Comedy Festival, Cleveland's Accidental Comedy Festival, Indianapolis' Crossroads Comedy Festival, Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, Boston's Women In Comedy Festival, Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Boise's 208 Comedy Festival, Portland's All Jane Comedy Festival, NC Comedy Festival, Pittsburgh's Burning Bridges Comedy Festival, Milwaukee's Cream City Comedy Festival, New Orleans Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival, Raleigh's Oak City Comedy Festival, Memphis Comedy Festival, Lookout Comedy Festival, Fort Wayne's Let's Fest, and Big Pine Comedy Festival.

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